Wonderboy for PresidentWonderboy for President is a South African mockumentary. It’s ‘reality political satire‘ (our phrase) that reminds us a bit of the Britsh character Ali G that was a huge hit in the early 2000’s.

Starring South African comedian Kagiso Lediga the film makes a bit of fun of the colourful South African political landscape. Here’s the trailer…

Now, as serious a business as what South African politics is, historically it has always enjoyed and tolerated an eclectic collection of brilliant comedians and satirists taking the Mickey out of everyone involved.

From Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout, to Zapiro and Chester Missing – what would our understanding of local politics be without the insightful commentary of our entertainers. We’re almost world champions at it.

So if the only time you pay attention to political developments is when the EFF gets turfed out of parliament for insisting on the use of an e-wallet, then watching Wonderboy for President may be a fair idea if you need a crash course in what’s going on around here. One thing is certain, South African politics is alive and vibrant. Even if you think it’s chaotic, the good news for our democracy is that it has a strong pulse.

Wonderboy for President opens this weekend.