Leicester CityThe idea that a tiny club like Leicester City (who just a few years ago were relegated to the 2nd division) could end up winning the Barclays Premier League title, is as improbable a thought as Griquas going on to win the SuperRugby trophy.

But could Leicester City’s miraculous victory be a result, in part, of some guidance from above?

We all know how the All Blacks’ ‘Haka’ gives them a huge psychological advantage whenever they play, but what about a Buddhist monk playing as your not-so-secret 12th man?

Here are a few weird coincidences that go along with Leicester City win:

  • Leicester City run of ‘luck’ started soon after King Richard III was discovered under a car park and was subsequently properly buried in Leicester.
  • Leicester City’s title sponsor is King Power
  • One of Leicester City’s star players’ name is King.
  • Just hours after being confirmed as Premier League champions, another citizen of Leicester City won the World Snooker Championship.

In 50 years, what’s the bet that we’ll look back at this time when we paid little attention to the spiritual element of our endeavours and wonder what on Earth we were thinking.

You may not be able to measure spirituality scientifically and most ‘level-headed’ managers will brush off the suggestion as ‘esoteric’ rubbish, but there clearly is enough ‘evidence’ to suggest that achieving greatness with the help of a little higher purpose is not the worst idea in the world.