rooftoppers‘Sometimes rules are made to protect people. And sometimes rules are made to protect privilege’

In a city where thousands of ‘robots’ go about their business of keeping Hong Kong’s ‘economy’ going, a growing number of young people are finding meaning on the rooftops of the city’s skyscrapers.

They are the rooftop generation.

Al Jazeera documents this story of a new generation pushing against the system – and finding a fresh ‘perspective’ on the world.

For rooftoppers and urban explorers worldwide, breaking the rules and sharing their exploits online is simply part of the game, but for Hong Kong’s rooftoppers, defying the authorities and photographing adventures is informed by a deeper rebellion.


In this crowded city driven by financial markets, where every square foot has a monetary value, rooftopping and urban exploration are a reclaiming of public space and a rejection of the status quo. The rooftoppers‘ jaw-dropping stunts and clandestine adventures on the tops of the city’s skyscrapers have not only made them internet stars but also allowed them to occasionally use that fame to make political statements.

This exciting fringe trend is one worth noting down. What it signals is a new global generation of conscious young people who are actively questioning the status quo around them. They are pushing back against a reality which every single generation before them have just blindly adopted.

It may look like kids sitting on a roof to most people, but to us this is yet another manifestation of a fresh new take on the future of society. One which is going to look very different from the one we know now.

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