Pictures of stuff on Instagram don’t perform as well as pictures of people doing stuff.

In social capital terms then, being seen to be having a good time in exotic locations, or with interesting looking friends, means far more than than simply replicating boring images of all the things that you’ve managed to gather thanks to diligently sitting at a desk day in and day out.

According to a report from AirBNB – this is all especially true among millennials in China. 93% of millennials surveyed in China said that “travel and experience is an important part of who I am as a person.” And in China, more millennials say that if they received the equivalent of roughly $10,000 today they would put it towards travel instead of purchasing a car, purchasing a home, saving, or paying off debt.

There are only so many times you can post pictures of your new car, but there are millions of interesting ways you can show that you’re out and about having new experiences and living your best life. Just gotta make sure you’re looking good and drinking the right kind of beer while you’re doing it.