In a world racing to the botton of the price / cost bconscious consumerismarrel – conscious consumerism is a consumer mindset that questions the journey of products and the real need behind our desire to consume them.

In reality we need far less than what we consume, but conscious consumerism dictates that when you do end up forking out money in exchange for something – it’s not mass produced crap, but rather the best quality you can afford. If you’re going to buy something, make sure that you buy well.

Gotta Groove Records are a small vinyl record factory based in Cleveland, Ohio. The owners took a huge gamble on an idea that seemed implausible in a music world obsessed with ‘disposable’ music options. But weirdly enough – over the past couple of years the demand for old-school vinyl records around the world has been increasing at a fair clip. Here’s their story…

Bloombery also recently shared the story of ‘The Last Audio Cassette Factory’.

The richness and complexity of good music cannot really be successfully reduced to a binary code without losing some key aspects of the original recording. Analog really is the only way a listen to your favourite band.

If this makes sense to you, be sure to check out the movie ‘Sound City’.