You would think that in an age where kids choke themselves to death with utterly pointless electronica and other mind-numbingly useless forms of modern ‘music’ that a brand like Fender would be struggling to put lines of blow and bottles of Jack Daniel’s on the table.

But in fact, Fender is alive and well and tackling the 21st century with a verve of innovation that’s sure to see young guitar players furiously swinging their products into studio amps in no time.

Fender Play is an online video subscription tutorial service that helps new guitar players learn in instrument in easy to swallow bite-sized lessons.

Shockingly, according to Fender – most kids who start off trying to play the guitar give up pretty easily (we’re certainly not surprised here). “About 45% of the guitars that we sell every year are bought by an absolute beginner,” says Andy Mooney, CEO of the 70-year-old guitar manufacturer. “Somebody who has never touched the instrument before, 90% of those players abandon it within one year.” via

The idea behind the digital school is that new players will hopefully continue their quest to become the next Kurt Cobain and carry on buying guitars and amps from the brand – until, of course, they decide that this world not longer suits their style and exit it via some overly dramatic suicide.

For $20 a month, the world’s best guitar mentors will take you through the basics of cords and techniques that get you playing and practising regularly.

Hopefully the result over time will be better music in the future. We can at least live in hope.

This kind of back-end skills development idea is great for companies that sell a product that requires some level of skill to make use of.

Keith Richards ain’t getting any younger – replacements are wanted.