Last BookstoreThe Last Bookstore is a short documentary about a book entrepreneur and his LA bookshop.

Where it was once assumed that e-books and digital media would completely destroy the demand for physical books and the bookstores that sell them – in many cases the opposite has been true. There’s no doubt that digital options are useful and easy to access, but nothing digital can ever replace the experience of sitting in a proper shop filled with real books and immersing yourself in a world of words.

The Last Bookstore

This short documentary focuses on the life of Josh Spencer, owner and operator of “The Last Bookstore”, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Against the closure of massive bookstore chains and the rise of eReaders, Josh has been able to create a local resurgence of the printed word. We explore his life as a father, husband, small business owner, and paraplegic, as well as the store’s magnetic attraction of the community.

It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelming hype of technology innovation. As we always say, trends relating to business efficiency cause a hollowing out of the market. You either position yourself at the bleeding edge of digital innovation or you go full-on old school analog. It’s the offering that position themselves somewhere in-between that die.