Amateur HourWhat does it take to survive, even thrive, when you’re a complete amateur? This hour, TED speakers share stories of plunging – or being plunged – into new situations and emerging as experts.

Amateur Hour

BTW – An amateur (French amateur “lover of”, from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, “lover”) is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science in a non-professional or unpaid manner.

In this podcast called Amateur Hour, host Guy Raz interviews a number of amateurs who, through curiosity a good dose of naivety, develop radical skills. It’s a great collection of ideas about jumping into the unknown and just figuring it out as you go. Stories from AJ Jacobs and Taylor Wilson, who in 2008, at the tender age of 14, he became the youngest person to produce nuclear fusion in his parent’s garage – are really inspiring.

From how changing your behaviour can change your mind to the greatest amateur job many are plunged into everyday, this is a fantastic hour of learning.

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