Rick RubinWe’ve really been getting into podcasts lately.

With at least 4 hours of ‘in-car commute’ to fill per week, we’ve been scanning the exciting and growing world of podcasts for some productive inspiration to add to our driving mix.

This week, our pick of the best podcast that we’ve found is from Tim Ferriss [yes, ironically that guy that does everything in 4 hours a week] and his interview with legendary music producer Rick Rubin.

Rick Rubin has produced albums for some of the world biggest music superstars.

From Aerosmith, Slayer and Metallica to Johnny Cash and Lady Gaga – Rick Rubin has worked with them all.

He was a vegan who suffered terribly with obesity and miraculously changed his life with a LCHF diet and meditation. He hangs out with big wave surfer and iconic waterman Laird Hamilton and what you’ll learn from this podcast is how to handle success in life and ultimately ‘what is happiness’.

The show was recorded in a ridiculously hot sauna [presumably pictured here].

This podcast is 1 hour and 20 minutes long and even if you are not the biggest Tim Ferris fan, he’s actually very good as the host of this show.

Listen to it via this link here.

Get it on iTunes here.