When Metallica played in Cape Town as part of the My Coke Fest, at the old Greenpoint Stadium, a few years ago, the electricity went off at the beginning of their set. After a short delay in total darkness, the band came back on stage and James Hetfield made light of the situation by proclaiming, “Metallica just overpowered the city grid”, to roars of delight from the totally inebriated crowd.

They very professionally incorporate the hiccup as part of their act, which ended up making it even more memorable. More than many other rock bands, Metallica have adapted over the years and reinvented themselves numerous times to stay relevant.

Metallica Through the Never is their latest project. A dramatic motion picture set during a Metallica concert – is a study of real time creativity.

Metallica Through the Never is a narrative 3D movie in which a Metallica concert takes place. At the center of the story is Trip (Dane DeHaan), a fresh-faced roadie who gets sent out on a mission to retrieve something that the band needs from a stranded vehicle. Out in the dark city night he gets into a car accident, encounters rioters fighting with police, and walks through a forest of hanging bodies. And then his real troubles begin.

Definately one to look out for when it comes to South Africa.

Here’s the detailed low down of the movie from Forbes.

Metallica Through the Never speaks to anybody who works in a dynamic volatile environment, where things can go wrong fast, plans fail and the very viability of an enterprise is under threat.