Much of what we perceive to be difficult – is not. To endure is to overcome the limitations of our thinking.

A challenge is only a challenge in the mind. There is no such thing as a universally difficult task – only one that you believe to be so.

In a remarkable demonstration of the overcoming of the limited nature of mind – this film, by LA-based director Ivan Olita, brings home the true meaning of challenging our assumptions.

The film explores the spiritual practice of Kaihōgyō, performed by the monks of Mount Hiei, Japan. The 1000-Day pilgrimage has been completed by less than 50 monks in over a century, and traditionally, any monk who cannot complete it must take their own life.

These may may also consider the challenge of remaining patient in Cape Town increasingly diabolical traffic situation as part of their challenge. It’s one that they are almost entirely assured of failing.