In this country, most politicians probably drool over the amount of airtime Julius Malema is granted by the press. Sure it’s often not very positive exposure (you would think), but as the old saying goes ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’.

But can publicly disgraced New York city mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner really come back from yet another sexting scandal to serve in public office? Here’s his recently released campaign video:

It’s almost as if he’s never skipped a beat. Scandal? What scandal? Anthony Weiner is in it to win it and frankly, if there had never been a TMZ exclusive on this guy, we would never had heard of him.

Lots sane people will glibly chuckle when they see Weiner’s infamous mug on the ballot sheet, but thousands of others, disillusioned by politics and possibly fuelled by a dare or a morning shot of bourbon, may just give Carlos Danger there mark of approval.

Publicity is publicity – it’s how you use the publicity that counts, just ask Bill Clinton.