An original Banksy goes for about $150 000, that’s a lot of money, but you are buying something produced by the world’s most famous street artist.

Recently Banksy set up a street pop-up shop and sold original works of art for $60. Just 3 people stopped to buy something worth $150 000 for just $60. The shop made just $420 for the day.
The guy from Chicago must be over the moon to now find out that he bought $600 000 worth of art for just $240.

One of the presentations that we do focusses on perception and how extraordinarily important it is becoming in today’s market place. This is a great example of how framing affects people’s perception of a situation and can easily result in something of great value being perceived as worthless.

This reminds us of this famous scene where Joshua Bell, one of the world’s most celebrated violinists, plays largely unnoticed in a Washington DC subway station. Just the night before hundreds of people had paid a lot of money to hear him play to a packed concert arena.