As self-confessed documentary addicts – we’re always on the lookout for films which expand out currently held assumptions of the world. In fact – critically challenging your own perspective of reality is what makes for a good foresight practitioner.

So these then are out latest – November 2017 – picks of good, but mainly disturbing, documentary films currently available on Netflix:

  • Sound City

Yes – we know it’s not new, but Sound City is an excellent time capsule of a certain analogue period of time which has seemingly been discarded to history. If you’re a Gen X’er – Sound City will be like going back to high school.

  • Tokyo Idols

Tokyo Idols is an odd story about the ‘Idols’ music scene in Japan. It follows the trials and challenges of one particular idol as well and the rather odd group of middle-aged Japanese men who help her campaign to rise to the top. It’s disturbing, but fascinating.

  • Gaga – Five Foot Two

Equally disturbing and perhaps very relevant given the current news flow out of Hollywood these days – this Lady Gaga documentary is a fly-on-the-wall look at what it takes to be a modern entertainment superstar.

  • Ice Guardians

Even if you don’t know a thing about ice hockey, Ice Guardians is an enlightening look at the pressure endured by professional sports people in a hugely financially lucrative arena. There’s a lot of violence – so if you’re squeamish – avoid it.

  • Rocco

The last pick we make in this line up – we do so with extreme caution. Rocco is NOT a family film and is most certainly NSFW. The film follows ageing legendary adult filmstar, Rocco Sifredi, during his last days as a working actor. It’s an extremely disturbing story about a morally questionable industry. But it is beautifully shot and gives you a never-seen-before glimpse into a shadow world that very few ever really get to see. Just be aware that you cannot ‘unsee’ this film – you’ve been warned.