We stumbled across Lefty’s quite by chance, on our way to an economics lecture of all things. From the outside Lefty’s looks suitably dodgy, but call them to make a reservation for dinner and you’ll soon realise that ‘all is not as it at first appears’ with this little hole in the wall.


Inside – Lefty’s looks like the cast and crew from The Shack have been magically transported to Harrington Street and given a restaurant license. Decor wise you get the sense that you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up in a church vestry, but one where communion is offered with a Pixies soundtrack and all the parishioners express their faith with body art.
The menu is short and sweet and may we take the liberty to mention that you will be well rewarded for being a bit daring with your choices here. Everything is good, but the pork ribs were nothing short of a triumph and the Kentucky chicken waffle…well, it’s tough to correctly explain what chicken, bacon, honey and chilli on a waffle tastes like, but it’s most definitely something you are going to want to try. It sounds trippy, but was just too good not to be the top recommendation here.


BTW – in case you were wondering, Lefty’s was the name of the bar in the 80’s video game Leisure Suit Larry. If we remember correctly, to get into Lefty’s you had to mention to the doorman the words: “Ken sent me” – otherwise there was no getting in and bad men came out of the night and beat you up. If you say these words at Lefty’s in Cape Town you’ll probably get handed a Jagermeister and the severed head of a fluffy bunny, but don’t take our fantasies as fact.


Overall Lefty’s is The Playground manned by a very talented cook and a crew of hospitality professionals that know exactly how to serve wickedly good food in a chilled spot. It’s the kind of place the Sister of Mercy and Rob Zombie would head to after a gig to get some good beer on tap and eat some delicious food.

Booking is essential.

Address: 105 Harrington St, Cape Town
Phone: 021 461 0407
Hours: 11:00 am – 1:00 am