We haven’t been to the cinema since Paris Hilton was a thing, but the release of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk was as good an excuse as any to reluctantly pay a small fortune to experience, what we hoped would be, a really great film on the big screen.

In short – the movie sucked.

It lacked any form of a story, the character development was non-existent and most of it came across as a complete ego trip as to how hectic visual effects can be. Nolan botched it completely in our humble opinion.

But what we were intrigued with was the score – crafted by Hans Zimmer.

Using engineered sound to force emotion is nothing new – Trent Reznor has explored that chestnut through and through. But what is interesting is this breakdown by Vox as to how Zimmer uses this technic to psychologically mess with the audience. At times it was used perhaps a bit too much, but overall it was a powerful and effective tool which the movie deployed to crank up the tension.