About 50kms out of Cape Town – straight down the R27 – you’ll find the Atlantis Dunes. If you have a half decent 4×4 you will most likely know the area rather well. A municipal permit grants you access to the couple of square kilometres of adult sandpit, which you can then drive your vehicle all over – or haul out a proper snowboard and ride the sand monsters to your heart’s delight.

Be sure to take cold beer, a tow rope and a spade…for when you inevitably get stuck in the sand (this point is even more applicable if you are unfortunate enough to own a Land Rover).






Atlantis Dunes

As Atlantis itself is a couple of kilometres down the road and there is nothing else nearby, it is surprising that nobody has set up a little boerewors stand or a coffee kiosk in the parking lot at the entrance. Last we heard Atlantis had a serious unemployment problem and tourists popping over to visit the Dunes should be an alarm bell for would-be entrepreneurs looking for a market.

Just a thought…