It is our fundamental belief that bicycles have the power to radically transform the South African economy from a system of inefficient corporatism to a free market capitalist system where  citizen are empowered.

How is that? Well think about it. Look around you. Our cities are unsafe and unused because people are disconnected from them. Getting into an air-conditioned car parked in an office basement and driving twenty kilometres to a security complex in the leafy suburbs  is not exactly a recipe for vibrant local economic growth. It results in a fear based economy where only the well-capitalised nodes of big business are able to compete.

When you travel by bicycle or on-foot you become a part of the community of a city. You stop at start up coffee shops along the way, you discover smaller retailers that aren’t locked away in a mall, you are completely mobile and a connected member of the real citizen-led economy around you.

Bikes vs Cars is a documentary[looking for funding via Kickstarter]  meant to be used as an engine for all of us that think change is needed and possible. The film will investigate the politics and economics that keep the car model thriving.

The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. People all over the world are moving towards a new system. Will the economic power allow it?

We don’t hate cars, but we do like a nice balance. The future is about using a bicycle or walking when you can – it might just be down to the corner cafe or across town to a meeting, but the less our over-reliance on cars- the better.