The other day I was asked at a conference, what advice I have for marketers who work with agencies?

Having been a corporate marketer at a rather large, blue chip financial services firm at the beginning of my career, the sage words of the very first creative director that I worked with, Porky Hefer, immediately sprang to mind.

Porky was the Creative Director of TBWA Hunt Lascaris at the time, and I’ll never forget the words he  shared with me first day we met in a radio recoding studio in Green Point.

Straight after being introduced to him he said, “Listen Cherry, you may sign off on a budget and have the responsibility of drinking a few cold beers at the end of all of this when the work is finished, but let me give you some advice. I’m the creative director on this job, I work best without interference . Your job, if you’ve done it right, is to drink coffee – make small talk with the producer and let me craft this thing to best answer your brief.”

As a marketer, your job should be done when the brief gets sent to the agency.

So my advise for marketers – learn to write really good, clear briefs – hire agencies that you respect and get along with, and most of all, give the experts, that you have hired to do the job, the space to create magic.

Written by Jonathan Cherry
Jonathan Cherry is the editor of Cherryflava. An innovation consultant, futurist, speaker and entrepreneur.