“It’s happening in our lifetime, it’s happening in your lifetime, it’s happening during the next thirty years.” – Peter Diamandis

By 2025, 66% of the world’s population will most probably be connected to the Internet. This vast network of connected humanity will be enjoying a world quite different from the one we are living in today. Change is taking place right now, at a rate that few of use truly understand – and the implications of this radical change are profound.

In the 1970’s, Alvin Toffler coined the term Future Shock in his seminal book with the same title. The topic he explored in this epic tome of brilliance was the rapid evolution of technology, His argument is that the rate at which this change is progressing at, is faster than what most human beings can mentally deal with. This causes an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety – a feeling of future shock.

As good a futurist as what Alvin Toffler was, what Peter Diamandis is outlining in this TEDx presentation is a wild augmentation of technology, that even Toffler couldn’t have imagined. This idea of Future Shock could well transform into Future Panic if we don’t being to collectively imagine the huge opportunities and global prosperity that this kind of networked power should bring about in the future. The narrative around technology should really be about the innovation and problem solving power that it will bring about, rather than the dystopian futures that so many future shocked individuals fear and spread.

Exciting times lie ahead, the challenge is convincing the human race that a better story lies in their future.

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