Alvin TofflerAlvin Toffler’s book Future Shock, which was written in 1970, is to this day a remarkably insightful look at the world as we experience it today. Toffler was a pioneering futurist and is seen by many to be the father of modern day future studies.

He sadly died this week at the age of 87 in Los Angeles.

For us, Alvin Toffler’s work is not so much about right or wrong predictions of the future, but rather he offers carefully considered insights which can be used as kernels of thought when considering what the various future paths may hold.

By considering the various possible environmental contexts in which we will all be living in the future – you can make useful plans today in order to be prepared for what could lie ahead. It’s for this simple reason that Alvin Toffler was such a pioneering intellectual.

Here he is talking about his 2006 book Revolutionary Wealth, in which he contextualises the modern trend of lifelong learning, the need for harmonious global living and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

#RIP Alvin Toffler – thank you for your invaluable contribution.