marriage marketNothing is more powerful than the way people believe things ought to be.

A case in point is the way society thinks about marriage; and what ought to happen at what age in life.

To be ‘on the rack’ as a woman in China [and not just in China for that matter] after the age of 27 is an immense worry, and parents go out of their way to rectify the situation as best they can. ‘Marriage Market’ is a very short documentary that focuses on the young Chinese woman who are standing up to the idea that they should be married off at a certain age, but challenging the paradigm that so many of the older generation hold so dear.

You may look at this idea and automatically shake your head in disbelief, but how many times have you heard people say that it is “selfish of you to think of not having children”. We’ve be told that many times by people who we at first thought were quite intelligent. But the power of unchallenged conviction transcends any kind of logical reasoning when it comes to some personal beliefs.

It’s easier to split an atom than a prejudice” – Einstein

Although this story is very much about a cultural expectation in China, how many cultural expectations go unchallenged around the world that we just take for granted?