Nike Fortnite

The holy grail for any clothing brand is if they can sell virtual merchandise at scale without ever having to manufacture anything, which is exactly what Nike have managed to achieve with their newly announced collaboration with Fortnite.

Epic has partnered with Nike’s Jordan brand to deliver branded content to the game. As part of the collaboration a new specially themed game mode has been added as well as some Jordan cosmetic gear.

While this is the first specific clothing brand partnership that Fortnite has had, it isn’t the first time the game has featured licensed products and skins in game. Just last week Epic released a John Wick skin and game mode. Two weeks ago Marvel and Epic teamed up for the Avengers: Endgame mode. And last year, the developer partnered with the NFL to release skins for each of the National Football League’s 32 teams. via

Of course not every brand can simply call up the owners of Fortnite, Epic games, and announce that they can to sell their virtual stuff as a part of the game. You need to behold a brand that is desirable enough to entice the millions of gamers on the platform to want to buy the in-game bundle. This is surely the truest test of any brand’s desirability.

But for brands like Nike that are dedicated to brand building and design, the opportunities with virtual collaborations are endless.