snapchatSnapchat according to a CEO – ‘probably an SMS that arrives very quick’?

Having an active awareness of the trends that are happening in the global environment is a pretty vital part of being able to successfully navigate a company in a world which is experiencing increasingly rapid amounts of change.

So as a CEO of a company you would think that having at least an awareness of what is happening in the contextual environment would be an important element of their business intelligence suite of skills.

According to these South African ads for telecommunications brand Telkom – apparently that is not the case:

  • Never heard of Snapchat

  • Never heard of Etsy

  • Welcome to 2002

Just goes to show that there are lot of assumptions being made out there, based on thinking which is largely being done with a seriously outdated mindset.

If these ads sound like you – then perhaps spend more time with your kids – or call us for some comprehensive environmental scanning and trend analysis which should help get you back up to speed.

It hurts to even watch this.