seemingly impossibleHow do you achieve the seemingly impossible task of getting global politicians and the governments they represent to come to an agreement which will theoretically limit their future GDP growth?

Climate change is an important global issue, but governments are notoriously reluctant to even admit that they are prepared to consider any kind of reduction in greenhouse gases to help address the problem.

That’s why the recent agreement at the COP21 conference in Paris came as such a huge surprise. How on earth, after numerous failed attempts, did the facilitator of this conference manage to get this consensus?

Impossible is just an attitude.

Here’s Christiana Figueres, who was the UN’s chief facilitator at COP21, on the TED stage sharing her experience of how the dream became a remarkable reality.

The secret – huge amounts of optimism and the realisation that a co-operative future is not just good for some, but sustainable for all.

If it can be done for disagreeing governments, is can be done for anyone.

seemingly impossible