Cryptocurrencies – currently there are over 900 of them available and unless you’re a visitor from Bloemfontein – you’ll know that many people are having mild to severe episodes of euphoria at the prospect of early retirement thanks to ‘investing’ in one of them – that being Bitcoin.

Now, for numerous reasons, we stay well away from investing in such things as Bitcoin, but there are many who love the idea of currency trading – and for those who are looking for a handy comparative guide between the top six offerings, here’s just that for you.



Personally, as much as we totally believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology to make the world a more equitable place, we don’t necessarily buy into the investment case for Bitcoin. Yes – it’s cool if you’re wanting to speculate on the rampant movement of the ruling price of the unit, but we know very little about currency trading and are very reluctant to start educating ourselves on it now.