There was once a very respectable man who dressed well, had a great job, provided for his family and contributed to society. In the 1970s he would have been regarded as a model citizen.

When the world entered the 1980s, this man began to be invited to work parties – just a few at first, but over the course of a few years the parties got bigger and wilder. It was at this time that the man started drinking lots of the free Champagne on offer. Life was good, business was great and the deals struck at the parties allowed the man to buy a new car, a holiday home and private schooling for his many kids.

As time went by the man was drinking excessively and a raging hangover wasn’t an unusual occurrence on a workday. In an effort to keep sharp, the man started to experiment with cocaine. He took small amounts at first, but quickly got addicted to the confidence that the coke gave him. This lead to bigger deals, he bought a brand new sports car,  a huge lavish mansion and was given an American Express Black credit card which he used to buy jewellery for his wife…and girlfriend.

By the time the 2000s arrived, the man couldn’t function without his daily dose of narcotic and started to experiment with heroin.  As you can well imagine – things were getting out of control.

Sure he was still making a lot of money, but the thrill of it caused him to take bigger chances. He started gambling – roulette! He was good at it, but mixed with his heroin addiction, he upped the stakes and ploughed whatever winnings he made back into the next binge of junk. It was high stakes stuff,  he was a junkie – craving the next fix at the expense of everything else.

His wife left him, he lost the car, the house, there wasn’t even enough money to buy the kids food. To his work colleagues things looked like they were going well after he’s just shot up, but behind-the-scenes the reality was his life was falling apart.

The only way out for him was to take the tough choice and go to a rehab facility, but that would be painful – excruciatingly painful. So instead he stayed out on the street, bumming through garbage bins and hoping the his dealer, the big boss at his company,  would just give him one last hit, one last blast of nirvana to take the pain away and keep the endless party going.

The longer this keeps going of course, the worse the ultimate ending of the story is going to be.

With the Federal Reserve Chairman last night announcing yet another hit of junk (in the form of more liquidity) to be injected into the global economy, this sick man is happy for now, but things aren’t looking too good for him. Where will it end and what will the consequences be?

Do yourself a favour and watch this documentary entitled Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis – the one that’s coming. It’s like Trainspotting, but without the happy ending.

Written by Jonathan Cherry
Jonathan Cherry is the editor of Cherryflava. An innovation consultant, futurist, speaker and entrepreneur.