victoria's secret

After years of flagging sales and decreasing levels of interest in their annual televised fashion show, the powers that Victoria’s Secret are admitting that they have failed to innovate over the past couple of years and its come back to hit them hard.

Victoria’s Secret – not so relevant anymore

The brand has taken a lot of flack for continuing to hire super-skinny models – and in a world where all around them their competitors are moving towards far more diversity when it comes to shapes, shades and sizes – Victoria’s Secret is starting to look like it’s stuck in the victorian-era.

So the pressure is now on for the brand to innovate – to transform themselves into something that sticks perhaps with its ‘fantasy’ positioning, but in a less stereotypical definition of what ‘fantasy’ includes. In 2019 and looking ahead – the idea of sexual fantasy is far more ‘fluid’ than what it used to be. What Victoria’s Secret need to do is think a bit more creatively as to what people find sexy.

It’s not as if the brand is dead, but even a strong label like this can get caught up in their own ‘way of doing things’ and completely underestimate the need to stay relevant, until such time as to when they are forced to admit it.