Cell C [amongst countless others] have tried to copy Apple with their new retail store design, CEO’s sign up on Twitter thinking they’re the next Steve Jobs and some even go as far as finding quirky, yet lame, names for certain sections of their stores – all with limited success.

So how does Apple get it’s retail experience so right?

Here’s the answer in point format:

  • Stop trying so hard to make money – solve problems instead
  • Believe in the goal of delighting the customer
  • Continuous innovation of store design
  • Attention to detail – it’s all about the experience
  • Discipline – if you’re late, you’re out
  • Recruit the right people – hire fans
  • Loyalty – talk at the wrong time, you’re out

All backed up with great products, a mythical leader and a powerful, sexy brand. Basically the exact opposite of anything you would experience at any store at Canal Walk or the Waterfront. It’s that simple and unattainable.

For the detailed Forbes article – go here.