How interesting is the story of the world’s largest laundromat?

world's largest laundromatSurprisingly it’s pretty compelling. The laundromat has over 300 washing machines, a play area for kids and even al avery complete with finches and miniature doves.

A laundromat of some kind has occupied this corner of Berwyn, Ill., for more than half of the Chicago suburb’s 108 years. But it was only in the 1980s that it took on its superlative name — the result of winning a contest, sponsored by an industry trade group, to find the world’s biggest laundromat by square footage. (The selection process wasn’t exactly scientific, but the World’s Largest Laundromat also hasn’t faced any significant challenge to its title.) And it wasn’t until 1999, when Benson, a business broker who had been hired to sell the laundromat, ended up buying the store himself and reshaping it into a family-friendly community center. via

This week’s Podcast Pick Of The Week is from The Distance and is the interesting business story behind the world’s largest laundromat.