Rui EstevesAn interview with AND UNION co-founder and legendary South African entrepreneur Rui Esteves is our ‘Podcast Pick of the Week’ today.

Just to start off with a full disclaimer – we helped out with the production of the clip so perhaps we’re a bit biased here, but in all honesty, if there was one guy that we would take considered time out to listen to and endeavour to learn something new from it would be Rui Esteves.

In this podcast Rob Heyns (a legend in his own right) from League of Beers meets Rui at The House of Machines over a couple of beers and they chat about everything from his enterprising beginnings in South Africa to his future plans for world domination.

It’s a beer podcast, but the insightful value it holds is relevant for everyone.

Have a listen to it here – Beer chats:Rui Esteves of AND UNION