Our fondest memories of the town of Stellenbosch always used to involve a cheap bottle of Old Brown Sherry and a Sisters of Mercy soundtrack.

But those days, when looking like Kurt Cobain and drinking like Gary Busey, are long gone. The Stellenbosch of 2013 is a town populated by young people that work at one of the country’s most progressive banking brands, students who actually wash themselves and a bulging array of very innovative high-street retail outlets.

The Oude Bank is one of them. A bakery that also offers a boutique butchery, a coffee roastery, craft beer bar and a sit down restaurant.

Granted we  didn’t stay too long, but the menu is very well priced, the food looks delicious and the place was packed – at 11:30am on a rainy Tuesday.

We’re not too sure what’s going on in the university town to our north, but we like it. It deserves a lot more than just a quick pop in now and again.