Nike dream with us

Great brands – like Nike – sign you up to take part in a revolution; and then sell you the uniform.

For some time now, the brand have taken the position of injecting themselves deep into the heart of the much heated racial and gender equality debate that is raging in America.

They have deliberately opened themselves up to polarisation. They have consciously decided not to stand on the sidelines – like most companies do, because they are just too afraid to get involved – and have chosen rather to encourage their recruits to dream of a different tomorrow, that looks quite different from the ‘reality’ of today.

Nike: Dream with us

That a bold move – to ask people to dream with you about another kind of future. Understandably, not everyone is going to like this move, but that’s exactly what Nike want. They want you to make the choice as to whether you are with them or against them.

Old men and misogynists will feel hugely threatened by this line of thinking, but the world is a very diverse place, and even though these people make a lot of noise, the future doesn’t lie with them. So the more they belly-ache about ‘this nonsense’ – the better.