As previously stated on this blog, design should be ear= marked as a key national resource. Government talks about crime reduction and then goes and spends billions of more police rather than looking at ways of building national prosperity and eliminating the fuel for crime.

We’ve been going to the Design Indaba Expo for years, but this year it was very evident that local design is coming of age and our national intellectual property is posed to be a key economic driver if it gets used properly. It is not however the responsibly of the private sector to do this alone. Government has to allocate funds and resources into incubating this fledgling opportunity. It’s ours to waste. You can fund a police forces and have Stop Violence protests until you’re blue in the face, but if you want to drive the future and position South Africa back where it belongs as a hub for design, creativity and huge economic wealth – then this is your hook. Why it is being largely ignored is beyond us.

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