UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing
Effective online copywriting is fast becoming an expected professional skill for anyone involved in a marketing or creative field of work.

It is generally assumed that you can rock out a killer blog post at a moment’s notice as well as man the community manager’s console with consummate ease.
Understanding basic SEO, the elements of a workable content plan and how to communicate an idea to an online community are powerful skills to possess and propel you forward in 2015. Our rather subjective advice on the matter is that you should immediately sign up to do the 6-week long UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing, which BTW is instructed by our own Jonathan Cherry and presented by GetSmarter.

The course takes place entirely online, so you can fit your learning into your busy 2015 start and as a bonus we’re offering you a R1000 discount voucher when you sign up to do the course, which kicks off 19 January 2015.

We’re obviously biased here, but if you are looking for a comprehensive online copywriting course that will get you understanding the theory, as well as practising the practical side of producing world-class online communication – then this has your name all over it.

Check out further details here.