When we were in junior school [that would have been the the 80’s] the hottest and most widely supported craze involved doing tricks with Coke / Fanta / Sprite branded yoyos.

Non-branded versions didn’t cut it – you had to have the smooth spinning radness of either a Coke, Fanta or Sprite branded piece. You could buy them or save up the inner liners of bottle caps to exchange for one.

Coke even sent around professional yoyo teams to demonstrate tricks to school kids during assembly. The success of promotion spread like wildfire via word-of-mouth through the school social networks and has to have been one of the most powerful promotional projects ever undertaken in South Africa. You’d be buying Coke just to score yet another yoyo to add to your collection, because the 15 you already had just wasn’t enough.

Fast forward 30 years and we wonder if the same idea would work today? Are simple things like yoyos too lame to cut it in 2011 on the playground?