most worriedThere’s a lot for business to worry about in 2015.

The global economy is volatile, there is a real lack of demand pretty much everywhere and it seems like practically everyday an economist is calling the start of yet another market crash.

But according to a recent KPMG Global Outlook survey, these are the top 4 things global CEOs are most worried about right now:

  1. 74% – are worried about new entrants disrupting their business model
  2. 72% – are worried about keeping current with new technologies
  3. 69% – are worried about the ability of their competitors taking business away from them
  4. 66% – are worried about the relevance of their products / service in three years time.


Oddly for me, all of these factors can be easily influenced and, unlike the global macro-economic environment, are totally under the control of the CEOs who are worried about them happening.

It’s surprising then that more business doesn’t prioritise the urgent creation of an innovation committee to proactively address these concerns.

If you can see a train crash coming, why would you not make plans to step out of its way?

There is no doubt that the operating environment right now is challenging, but that should be a great reason to throw away that rule book and go start a street fight.

Safe is far to risky in 2015, the time to start planning those new disruptive growth strategies is now.

Download the full report here: 2015 KPMG Global Outlook