virtual realityVirtual Reality is now a district reality, and the frequency of its use is increasing.

Obviously the first place you would automatically think of it as a powerful application is in the arena of entertainment, but there there’s a lot more to it than just the future of Star Wars movies.

Produced by The New York Times, ‘The Displaced‘  follows three children who are living with the consequences, and in the middle of a reality, created by war.

You’ll be thrown into the centre of it all watching how children cope with life after their surroundings have been left devastated and barren. Watch it with the Google Cardboard Viewer to get it’s full effect [if you are lucky enough to have a pair that is].


It is clear that as the world shrinks thanks to technology advances in communication, what is really needed are tools to help us be more empathic. This is a great example of that theory in practise.

There are probably numerous countries around the world that would benefit by having its citizens walk in each other’s shoes for a little while…just to experience that reality for real.