shipping containersBoxpark is a pop-up shopping mall in shipping containers that’s perfect for entrepreneurs to set up a temporary shop for whatever reason.

Having set up one or two pop-up stores ourselves in existing shopping malls, we are well-schooled in the trials and tribulations of dealing with retail landlords who see pop-up and more of a pain in the butt than an opportunity to grow the base of retail entrepreneurs for the future growth of the segment.

So Boxpark just sounds like a great initiative to do just that.

Here’s daily vlogger Mr. Ben Brown – who recently snapped up a Boxpark unit to host a collaborative merchandise store with a few of his other YouTube friends.

The jump between online retail and formal brick and mortar mall shopping is a big one. In between pop-up ¬†options have always been an attractive alternative. It’s a pity we just don’t see more of it.