jeansThe secret of great jeans – lies in the details. That’s according to Jason Denham (yes, we know).

Jeans are at the heart of what we wear. Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, they’ve become a uniform of life. Jason Denham is a jeanmaker, who has dedicated his life to crafting the perfect jeans. Like a Michelin-star chef he hand picks his ingredients – harnesses groundbreaking techniques – minutely studies tradition – but most of all obsesses over the tiniest of details. In this short documentary he will – for the first time ever – share some of his best kept secrets.

What we really love about this short documentary, is that a master craftsman like Jason still considers himself a student of his craft.

Even though he could easily consider himself a seasoned expert, he’s still curious and explores the world first-hand by physically going out and visiting the places where he hopes to draw inspiration from instead of just doing random research on the Internet. That mindset – of always considering yourself a learner – is the premise on which real innovation is built.