breakthrough brands

Breakthrough brands are those global companies that are really setting the pace of innovation as we move forward in time.

Interbrand recently published their 2017 report on breakthrough brands to watch, a few of which we’d like to focus in on here.

Firstly however, what was rather insightful from the report was that Interbrand conducted an analysis on some of the common attributes that most of these breakthrough brands possess, which may well have contributed to their sustained success as innovators.

Some of the common threads include:

  1. The Artificial Intelligence natives – many of the listed brands are very efficient at using AI to help solve real problems powered by huge quantities of data. They’re not afraid to let powerful machines do the heavy lifting when it comes to system efficiency and the ongoing development of their offerings.
  2. Brand activism and social enterprise – this is the mindset that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Breakthrough brands understand the systemic impact that they have on society and they make sure that this impact is a positive one (and not just in a PR way, but actually built into the operating model]
  3. People first, digital agility, and the gig economy – while fully immersed in technology, many of the breakthrough brands are actually business platforms, which help people to participate in the growing gig economy. empowering individuals to live, learn, and work when and how they want.

Some of our favourite breakthrough brands listed in this year’s report include:

breakthrough brandsThrive Global – this is Arianna Huffington’s (yes – that Arianna Huffington) startup that aims to deliver a useful resource to those not just wanting to just survive the rigours on modern life, but to thrive in it. Offering science-based solutions to a growing audience of over-work, highly-stressed individuals looking for a bit of balance in their lives.


breakthrough brands

30SecondsToFly – If you’ve seen the movie ‘Her’ – then you’ll have a sense of what this AI travel consultant app is capable of handling on your behalf. If you are a busy executive with more scheduled meetings than time to personally book your travel arrangements, then ‘Claire’ is the robotic assistant you’ve been hoping somebody would invent and offer to you at an affordable rate.


Drivy is a French startup that allows you to resell the excess utility in the assets that you own, or rent the excess utility in somebody else’s stuff.

Insurance is even covered as part of the service through a clever partnership with Allianz. It’s win / win all round and definitely a most useful service if making a bit of extra money from all of the crap that you have just lying around, is your intention.


breakthrough brandsRobinhood – you want to invest in the stock market, but know that those greedy portfolio managers are using your hard won investments to fund stripper parties and trips to Barbados with their mistresses. This app aims to democratise access to the stock market by practically eliminating the fees that usually come with the package.The company is opening 140 000 accounts a month and is set to expand globally in the near future.


breakthrough brandsSeedInvest – so you want to be a venture capitalist – just like that famous guy who’s also a HUGE Trump supporter (cause he’s super clever and an ace at making really good value judgements). Well, this company allows you to be part of a crowdfunding drive to make early investments in the breakthrough brands of the future. Your surname clearly doesn’t need to be Ferris or Thiel to be the next investor hotshot out there. Just be yourself, make your own crafty analysis of the opportunities that present themselves to you on the platform and hope for the best.


There are obviously loads more examples to gawk at on the list, but these are the ones that caught our eye. It’s well worth a cursory glance if maintaining a futures consciousness means anything to you.