The classic business school bell-curve.

At one stage, Blackberry was the hottest brand in South Africa. Every kid wanted to own the device which was a symbol of the new mobile age.

But Blackberry was arrogant.

They overestimated their own brand appeal and got killed by Apple and Samsung in the global fight for ‘share of mind’. They most probably didn’t even see it coming. Blindsided by their own brilliance – Blackberry ignored the forces for change that were happening around them and slowly dug themselves into a shallow grave.

To be honest – you could copy and paste this sentiment and replace all reference to Blackberry with the word ‘Nokia’ too.

It may be hard to remember in 2016, but BlackBerry was once not just a dominant force, but an innovative one, with handsets beloved by businesses, politicians, and fast-typists around the world. via

BlackBerry is handing over production of the phones to overseas partners and turning its full attention to the more profitable and growing software business. It’s the formalization of a move in the making since Chief Executive Officer John Chen took over nearly three years ago and outsourced some manufacturing to Foxconn Technology Group. Getting the money-losing smartphone business off BlackBerry’s books will also make it easier for the company to consistently hit profitability. via

In summary, this comedy skit, featuring the legendary Ronnie Corbett, seems to put a nice neat bow around the whole thing:

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