What exactly is ‘good business’?

Profit? – sure. Making a positive contribution? – probably. Saving the world? – yeah, okay.

The Monocle Guide to Good Business is a book for would-be business leaders, start-ups and established companies that feel it’s time for some new ideas. It’s a book to be used—write in the margins and turn over the corners of the pages.

But don’t expect management speak, nor miracles for untold riches. It’s not a book about staging a revolution. It’s a book about doing things well (from how you run the show to the pens you buy). And even taking your dog to work. The 300-page book features original photography and illustrations printed on a selection of the highest-quality papers; it’s a handbook for those who want to make a company that will last.

To be released in September 2014 by Gestalten, The Monocle Guide to Good Business is an ultimate reference for doing a job you love.

Too often these days business is mentioned in the same breath as the words ‘get rich quick or die trying’. Images of hip hop stars using light $100 bills to light Cuban cigars are popular, but not entirely realistic or positive for society. Good business can make a massive positive contribution to the world, but you have to want more than just money from your time of participation.

Perhaps the economic recession in Europe has sparked a bit of mindset disruption in Europe where people are asking the question; ‘What’s the point of all of this?’