Looking like something out of a science fiction movie, these futuristic streetlights are an actual product prototype made by a UK insurance company.

Fleetlights launch - London

UK insurer Direct Line has partnered with drone experts to create a prototype fleet of flying torch drones that are responsive to an individual’s movements and controlled via a bespoke app. designed to provide illumination where street lights are lacking, the fleetlights mobile app allows you to summon a drone and set your journey using your GPS location — be it walking from the train station after a late shift or the last few miles of a night time drive on unforgiving country lanes. via 

The solution itself – this Fleetlights concept – sounds a bit like overkill to be honest. But one must remember that this project is just a prototype of an idea, which may or may not have some kind of practical application in the future. Who knows?

That’s what innovation is.

Being curious about an idea, prototyping it, testing it and seeing where the practical application may lie.


What is great is that an insurance company is thinking prevention rather than cure. Taking a proactive approach to reducing the need for their product, which will ultimately make them more profitable.

If you’re interested – here’s the technical manual for the project.