What will the simple, basic human act of going for a run be like if the world gets over run by the ravages of global climate change and nuclear war? Nike gives us a glimpse of that depressing vision.

Although technically, this video and the innovative use of technology that powers it, is hugely impressive – we can’t help but feel like we’d rather just give up running than actually spend more than a curious minute testing this machine out.

The last thing on earth we’d elect to do is running against ourselves. Running is a meditation, a personal journey of sacred discovery taken on a road. The challenge is between you and the road – not you and yourself.

But that’s just us.

Thankfully this stadium – the Nike Unlimited Stadium – is in Manilla and there are zero plans to build one in Cape Town.

We much prefer the kind of running portrayed in this short film from Salomon.

But maybe we’re just more hardcore like that – and haven’t owned anything Nike-related for about a decade.