Old city typography gets a breath of fresh vibrancy in an urban mission to light up the past in an initiative entitled Light Capsules. The ghost sign projections are to be found at The London Design Festival as part of my Adobe Creative Residency.

Across the London Design Festival 2016, there will be a series of London ghost signs with site-specific projections. These will temporarily bring the signs back to life, highlighting multiple layers of palimpsest, and sharpening the fading colours and letterforms. Watch out too for ghost signs from around the world to one blank wall in South London.

light capsulesMaybe it’s because we haven’t been paying attention, but there haven’t been too many new 3D projection mapping doing the rounds lately. There was a time when this kind of thing was all the rage. Perhaps, people with money started to realise how expensive creating great 3D mapping is –  and pulled the purse strings a little tighter.

Now it is art…as it should be.