Ko Hyjoo is a South Korean longboarding superstar.

She’s a superstar because as a longboarder she hasn’t exactly been doing the sport for very long (she started in early 2014), but already she has become something of an Internet sensation with many of the videos, that she’s been featured in, going viral online.

Apart from making skating look very easy and deceptively elegant, she is just clearly incredibly cool. And ‘cool’ is one of those immeasurable virtues which is impossible to define, but obvious when you see it.

In Ko Hyjoo’s case – cool can perhaps be loosely defined as the ‘achieving of something physically remarkable with visibly breaking a sweat‘.

This video that she did in collaboration with Vogue Japan just feels like the perfect ‘this is now’ theme of cool in 2017.

‘Cool’ used to be Tom Brady – now it’s Ko Hyjoo.