KLM Care Tag

You can always tell who the new tourists are in Cape Town that have just arrived in the city – they’re the one’s still waiting for the ‘green man / person’ at the pedestrian crossing.

They haven’t yet learnt that those things are just a suggestion and that waiting there for too long could actually flag you as a idiot who presents as an easy mugging target.

That’s why this idea from KLM, called a Care Tag, is not a bad idea for airlines wanting to avoid the annoying risk of a return ticket home being cancelled, because of death.

The Care Tag is GPS-enabled and is a bit like having one of those friendly, but annoying, air stewards permanently attached to your rucksack – barking fairly obvious instructions at you. Great for tourists from countries that double up as nanny states – and perhaps something the South African government should invest some of their innovation budget into if attracting Euro-spending first-time travellers is in any way a desirable priority.

The KLM Care Tag at first seems like it might be a joke, but all of our usual due diligence doesn’t necessarily suggest that it is. Which is great news if you have trouble seeing that the streets of a foreign city are busy – or that a taxi to an airport will cost you some money.