see the unseenNew things are those that have never been seen before they are seen by the people that see them first.

Having the ability to see the unseen can be thought of as some kind of gift. A gift that today we call being creative. But is creativity a gift? Or is it just the ability to see what everybody else doesn’t see?

How do you see the unseen?

see the unseenThe Grinz Ball is made by Rogz and was conceptualised by Porky Hefer. It’s brilliant!

It’s a ball with teeth and when held in the dog’s mouth just right – it looks like the animal is grinning at you. (As clearly illustrated here by Baksteen)

It’s a simple design idea, but where did the flash of inspiration come from for this hugely popular product?

Porky’s simple answer is that ‘he was sitting on the beach one day – minding his own business, when a large dog (who he’d never met before) ran up to him. Between staring at the ocean and refocussing his attention on the rapidly approaching bounding canine, he thought he saw the dog grin at him with a big comical set of chops.

On the second take he realised that his mind was just playing tricks on him, but the random ‘comical grin’ idea stuck and so was born the design of the Rogz Grinz Ball.

Here’s Porky sharing some of his insight on how to see the unseen with us:

For us the real trick here is seeing the connection between the grinning dog optical illusion and ultimately a ball product that is today sold all around the world. Ideas are free and we all have them everyday, but the real magic lies in the connecting of those fantasies with a chain of planning and process that ultimately results in commercial gain.

see the unseen


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