The circular economy is built on the idea that raw materials for new products can be disposed-of-materials from other products.

It’s the basic principle a forest works on for example.

Understandably, because of the rapid rate at which we’re filling our oceans, land and ourselves ultimately with crap – the need for innovation in the circular economy space is growing.

There are loads of excellent examples of companies doing just that and Pentatonic joins that list. The trick here though, and this is what we like about this particular example, is that the basic materials used to make the products shouldn’t make the products themselves look used. 

Just because your desk is made from old recycled water bottles, doesn’t mean that it would look like it was made from old, nasty, recycled water bottles.

That should just be a fun fact that you laugh about as you do a line or two on top of it.

Know your audience, we always say.